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"Star of the West" has enjoyed the company and skills of a wide variety of people, click on the links above to admire your picture and/or view others from earlier years. Crew and other participants in 2005, the year we sailed from the Caribbean to New Zealand are below:

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  050617_swimming.jpg (110813 bytes) Swimmers 050529_Joleen_posing.jpg (175893 bytes) Joleen posing, Nuku Hiva Marquesas 050529_Ratna_posing.jpg (113256 bytes) Ratna posing, Nuku Hiva Marquesas
050528_Festival_shake.jpg (81503 bytes) The visiting "dignitary" Taiohae Mothers Day festival Marquesas 050528_Festival_dance2.jpg (63393 bytes) Dani's dance routine Taiohae Nuku Hiva Marquesas 050522_mahimahi.jpg (113972 bytes) Another mahi-mahi!! 050520_movie_watchers1.jpg (124894 bytes) Mid-ocean Video watching
050520_budding_guitarist.jpg (148458 bytes) Our budding guitarist 050517_big_sailfish1.jpg (94855 bytes) Look what we got!! 050517_big_sailfish.jpg (129262 bytes)2.3 metre sailfish landed Galapagos to Marquesas 050429_joleen_hammock.jpg (167830 bytes)Joleen's Euadorian hammock San Cristobal Galapagos
050501_juicy_red_fish.jpg (151671 bytes)Juicy red fish, Galapagos 050430_dani_pelican.jpg (107335 bytes)Pelican visitor Floreana Is, Galapagos 050427_swim.jpg (111991 bytes)Galapagos swim with the seals 050421_Galapagos_Policeman1.jpg (97830 bytes)Daniel mimicking Ecuadorian Policeman
050422_Equator_Party.jpg (95200 bytes)King Neptune Party and Initiation San Cristobal Galapagos 050420_Equator_Crossing.jpg (205159 bytes)Equator crossing 00.00 N/S, 88.39W, 1942hrs 20th April 050411_Pacific_Champagne.jpg (83069 bytes) Jackie & Bill "Pukkabelle", Des "Woodwind", Pacific Champagne, Panama Canal 050411_Miaflores_Locks.jpg (132966 bytes) Bill & Jackie "Pukkabelle" linehandling for us, Panama Canal
050411_Dani_Panama_Canal.jpg (122401 bytes) Daniel supervising Panama Canal Transit 050329_D_crab.jpg (138279 bytes) Daniel with our crab caught at Chichime West Holandes, San Blas 050322_molas_boys.jpg (204577 bytes)Roberto and his Dad with "Star of the West" boys, Central Holandes Cays, San Blas Is, Panama 050322_boys_playing2.jpg (94265 bytes)Daniel and another Kuna friend, Central Holandes Cays, San Blas Is, Panama
050322_molas_girls.jpg (209999 bytes)Ratna & Daniel with a Kuna Mum & daughter Central Holandes Cays, San Blas Is, Panama 050318_D_kuna_friend.jpg (110774 bytes)Daniel and Kuna friend, East Holandes Cays, San Blas Is, Panama 050319_Joleen_kunas.jpg (215942 bytes) Joleen with a Kuna grandmum & great-grandmum San Blas Islands Panama 050317_St_Pats_day.jpg (128854 bytes)Joleen, Tony "Cariad", us, Judy "Candidus", St Patricks Day gathering, Holandes Cays, San Blas Is
050312_big_wahoo.jpg (146192 bytes) Daniel, Big Wahoo!! and Dad Aruba (ABC Is) to San Blas Islands (Panama) 050311_Aruba_buyup.jpg (141504 bytes)Daniel on beach supervising loading supplies in Aruba (ABC's) after big supermarket buy-up 050219_Families_Scotland_Bay.jpg (141678 bytes)Fritz, Cicik, Daniel, Ratna, Kevin, Scotland Bay Trinidad 0501_Joleen_Rastas.jpg (137279 bytes) Joleen with Market Rastas Bequia